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When you get a good night’s sleep, you’re energized, ready to start your day. You laugh, smile and are more productive. The EyeCover products are designed to enhance the quality of your sleep by creating a dark and tranquil sleep environment. 

Blackout - Blocks out annoying lights
Comfort – Accommodates head / neck movement and all head sizes and sleep positions. 
Protective – No eye sweating, dry eyes or skin irritation
Flexible – contours allow airflow and eye movement
Special design -- Promotes calm and relaxation.

Migraine sufferers
Shift workers
Blocking out visual stimuli and light
Roommates, spouses, and partners

What You Think

it's time to face your toughest sleep enemy ... your mind


Your imagination is one of the most powerful forces in existence.  Lewis Carroll crystallized this fact with this quote: "Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.”

Unfortunately, in the armory of thought, imagination forges weapons that destroy your sleep - fear, anxiety and worry.

  • As children, you fear monsters and other beings lurking about your bedroom
  • As a teen, you're anxious about exams, popularity and other things
  • As an adult (at a time we should've master our imagination) you worry about bills, relationships, career, business success and others.

can you make problems go away so you can get some sleep?


Unfortunately, you can't... Problems and the resulting fear, anxiety and worry never go away.

I've come to realize that although I can't eliminate them, I can CONTROL how I RESPOND to them.  This realization has made all the difference.  

I've written extensively on these subjects and offer them to you and others who want to get better sleep. You can discover how to apply success strategies to conquer sleep-robbing fear, worry and anxiety by joining my mailing list, reading my blog and reading my books:

  • What To Do When Life Happens
  • Hustle While You Wait
  • The Life's Simple Treasures series