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When you get a good night’s sleep, you’re energized, ready to start your day. You laugh, smile and are more productive. The EyeCover products are designed to enhance the quality of your sleep by creating a dark and tranquil sleep environment. 

Blackout - Blocks out annoying lights
Comfort – Accommodates head / neck movement and all head sizes and sleep positions. 
Protective – No eye sweating, dry eyes or skin irritation
Flexible – contours allow airflow and eye movement
Special design -- Promotes calm and relaxation.

Migraine sufferers
Shift workers
Blocking out visual stimuli and light
Roommates, spouses, and partners




the Eyecover Pillowcase

What makes the EyeCover different from a traditional pillowcase?

This is the next generation pillowcase. A traditional pillowcase simply covers the pillow.   The EyeCover pillowcase covers the pillow, blocks out annoying light and visual stimuli that disrupts sleep. A dark environment is conductive for sleeping.  In addition, the EyeCover pillow provides you the comfort, darkness and tranquility for sleep.

How do I use my EyeCover pillowcase?

 In three easy steps: Slip, Snug and Sleep -Slip your head between the EyeCover flap and pillowcase. Adjust the flap to block out the light band enjoy a good nights' sleep

How do I care For My Eyecover pillowcase?

Machine wash and dry with like colors.

Does the Eyecover pillowcase fit all head sizes?

It is designed to fit all adult head sizes.

Does the Eyecover accommodate different sleeping positions?

Yes, The adjustable loose cover has been designed for that flexibility.

Why does the Eyecover pillowcase have a dark lining?

A dark sleeping environment promotes calmness and increases melatonin levels.

Why does the Eyecover pillowcase have a loose flap?

It allows for oxygen flow and eye movement while you sleep.


Eyecover Travel and Nap Pillow

How does the Eyecover travel and nap pillow differ from a travel pillow?

 The EyeCover Travel and Nap Piillow is designed to make your travel less stressful.  With this all-in-one sleep enhancer you will never have to remember to bring your individual travel pillow and eye mask.  It is also more sanitary and easy to clean. You don’t not have to remove the pillow from the cloth.  Throw everything on a gentle than put it in the drier. It is that simple!

Here are some other benefit of the eyecover pillow:  

  • The ultra coverage fabric is not tight on your eyes, face and head.  It will not smudge your make up.
  • The soft and  light weight frabic allows air flow around your eyes.  No sweaty, dry or irritated eyes. No skin imprints from an elastic band.  No Velcro tangled in your hair.  No restrictive neck pillow.
  • Comes with a 8x12 pouch that can fit in carry on luggage.
  • The pillow can be also placed in the back or on side of your neck to optimize comfort. 
  • The fabric side keeps your hair in place.  No inflating the pillow. No straps or buckles.  

 How do I use my Eyecover pillow?

The EyeCover pillow is easy to use.  All you need is four steps:   Cover, Twist, Tuck ... and Sleep 

  1. COVER - open the oval size fabric, Cover your eye area and head, place one part of the fabric in the front of your eyes and the other part in back of your head
  2. TWIST - twist the cloth one or more times depending on how snug you want the Eyecover.
  3. TUCK - Adjust and tuck the fabric the block out the light
  4. SLEEP - now you can sleep in comfort, blocking out all distracting light.

How do I care for the Eyecover Travel and Nap pillow?

Machine wash and dry with like colors.  A delicate cycle is recommended.

What makes the travel and nap pillow super-soft?

The pillow is filled with silky non-allergenic fiberfill.

Where can I use my travel and nap pillow?

It can be used indoors or outdoors.  However, it is neither waterproof or water-resistant.  

Where else can I use my Pillow?

When not in use, the EyeCover Pillow makes an attractive accent pillow on a chair or sofa.